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Rehabilitation Services

Parkside has partnered with Summit Care, one of the strongest rehabilitation organizations in the country. They are a leading provider of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, respiratory therapy and wellness services.

You don’t have to leave Parkside Campus for your rehabilitation when you can stay right here in your own community. We have dedicated professionals who have proven their competence and compassion, as patients improve and then RETURN HOME. You can experience your therapies at Parkside in your own private room with excellent care and accommodations or you can choose out patient therapy once you are home.

“Physical Therapy and great health services at Parkside prepared me for living alone. Guided me toward walking again.”

Larry Heidel

Come to Parkside

If you are having surgery and your physician informs you that in-patient therapy is needed before you return home, tell your doctor you want to go to Parkside Homes. There is no reason that your family has to drive one half hour or longer to visit you while you are recovering from your knee or hip replacement, stroke or other surgery or injury before you go home.  

We have your best interest at heart. We are a not-for-profit organization that is not owned or operated by a physician group.  Our sole purpose is caring for our residents who live in our continuing care retirement community and caring for our short stay rehabilitation patients.